Screening of "Water" – May 2nd 2012

Leytonstone Pop-Up Cinema is proud to present the following screening:

Water (12)
Dir: Deepa Mehta. (2005) Canada, India; 117 min. In Hindi, with English subtitles.

Oscar Academy Award Nominee 2007

Writer/Director Deepa Mehta’s Water is a touching love story set in India in 1938. It begins with Chuyia, an 8-year-old child bride being told that her husband has died. She is now a widow. In traditional Indian society widows were not allowed to work or to remarry. (Very few Indian widows remarry to this day.) With no son to take care of her, Chuyia is sent to a widows’ ashram to live out a monastic life of constant prayer for her sins which, under Hindu tradition, contributed to the death of her husband. At the ashram, she meets a beautiful young widow, Kalyani. But all is not what it seems. Kalyani (like many young widows) has been forced into prostitution to help pay the bills of the ashram … and then Kalyani meets Narayan, a handsome young follower of Gandhi, who taught that widows should be allowed to remarry.

Subjects that can be introduced with Water include: India in the 20th century; the plight of widows in underdeveloped countries, particularly in India and Africa; Mahatma Gandhi and his role in Indian and world history; how patriarchal traditions hijack and pervert religions; and what happens when one group of people in a culture are powerless. The movie is rich in symbolism and other literary devices.” (*)

Screening on 2th May 2012, Wednesday

Starting time 7:45pm at Leytonstone Library
Church Lane, E11 1HG, London.
See map
Entrance £5 (£4 all concessions)
* Check disabled access options availabe

You can watch a clip of the film here.

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