Screening of “London” – December 4th 2013


Screening on Wednesday, December 4th 2013

Directed by Patrick Keiller

  •   Year: 1994 | Country: UK
  •   Running time: 85 min. | Cassification: (U)
  •   Watch a clip here

To coincide with the publication of This Other London – adventures in the overlooked city by film-club member John Rogers we present this timely screening of Patrick Keiller's classic portrait of the city, London.


"A fin-de-siècle personal portrait of London shot over a period of twelve months, which saw the election of John Major as prime minister, renewed IRA bombings, the 'Black Wednesday' European monetary crisis and the "fall of the house of Windsor".

Neither documentary nor fiction, 'London' is more than either: a chronicle of a year in the life of England's capital through the eyes of Keiller's imaginary protagonist, Robinson, and the unnamed and unseen narrator and relayer of his insights." – BFI's Screenonline


" 'It is a journey to the end of the world,' says the narrator (Paul Scofield) of Patrick Keiller's extraordinary psychogeographical urban odyssey. 'Robinson is on the verge of a breakthrough in his investigations. He says I should come before it is too late.'

The mysterious Robinson, like Keiller's nameless narrator, remains unseen throughout, but among the many things London is about – history, literature, politics, art – are the dreams and ghosts of the city's vanished artists." – Film4

Screening on December 4th 2013, Wednesday

Starting time 7:45pm at Leytonstone Library

Church Lane, E11 1HG, London. See map
Entrance £5 (£4 all concessions)
Check disabled access options availabe here.

* Note: If the main gates are closed (usually after 8pm) then entrance to the library will be through the disabled access door, which is located a few metres away on the left of the main gates.

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