Screening of “Kikujiro” – May 7th 2014


Screening on Wednesday, May 7th 2014

Directed by Takeshi Kitano

•   Year: 1999

•   Country: Japan

•   Running time: 116 min.

•   Cassification: (12)

•   Watch a clip here

This is a bittersweet, highly visual road movie and a real treat for fans of maverick actor, writer, director and editor "Beat" Takeshi Kitano (Zatoichi, Sonatine, Hana-Bi, etc). 

The delightful film's soundtrack is composed by the renowned Joe Hisaishi, a regular collaborator on many of Kitano's and Hayao Miyazaki's (of Studio Ghibli) films.

Summary: Comments:

"As summer vacation begins, a boy named Masao sets out on a journey to find his mother, accompanied by an ex-yakuza, a bad mannered and downtrodden man named Kikujiro (played by Kitano). 

After Kikujiro gambles away all the money, the duo gets a ride from other travellers across the country. Along the way they meet a small but colourful cast of characters." – Wikipedia *

"The power this film has lies mostly in its contemplative approach. It's very humorous and isn't really slow, but the camera does take the time to linger on locales, faces, and characters. 

For a few odd parts here and there, it's still really innocent and it seems to show that most people are kind-natured at heart, even when they project an aura of toughness and abusiveness. "- *

Screening on May 7th 2014, Wednesday
Starting time 7:45pm at Leytonstone Library
Church Lane, E11 1HG, London. See map
Entrance £5 (£4 all concessions)
Check disabled access options availabe here.
Note: If the main gates are closed (usually after 8pm) then entrance to the library will be through the disabled access door, which is located a few metres away on the left of the main gates.
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