Red Desert (Il Deserto Rosso – 1964)

Wednesday 6th April 2022, 7:45 PM


  • Director:  Roberto Rossellini
  • Running time: 1h 43m.
  • Year: 1945 | Genre(s): Drama | Rating: 15
    Language: Italian with English subtitles
  • Venue location: Leytonstone Library (1st floor)

In a bleak rundown industrial area, young Giuliana tries to cope with life. She’s married to Ugo, the manager of a local plant, but is having an affair with one of his co-workers, Corrado Zeller, who is visiting. Giuliana is unstable, not quite knowing anymore whether her role is wife, mother, or just another person in the world. Her escape from life is short-lived: Zeller is just using her to satisfy his own needs and desires” –

Screening on Wednesday 5th October 2022, 7:45 PM

At Leytonstone library (first floor), Church Lane, E11 1HG

Ticket price £6 (£5 all concessions) sold onsite and on event night only.

Check disabled access options available here.
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