Leytonstone Festival screenings – July 2011

Leytonstone Pop-Up Cinema is proud to present the following programme of Summer screenings as part of the Leytonstone Festival 2011:

Another Year (12)
Dir: Mike Leigh.
UK, 2010; 129 min.

‘Another Year’ is a 2010 British drama film written and directed by Mike Leigh, starring Lesley Manville, Jim Broadbent and Ruth Sheen.

Mike Leigh brings his usual sure touch to a story that juxtaposes warmth and laughter with a chilly solitude. One of Mike Leigh’s greatest subjects has always been family — the ties that bind, the ones that can strangle. But what of life’s loose ends, the unwed and unloved?

Pitting the cosy, deep-rooted contentment of a long-married pair against the loneliness of an over-the-hill single friend, Another Year is a film of cruel and poignant contrasts, juxtaposing its warmth and laughter with the chill wind of disappointed solitude.

Another point of interest of this film for our local community is that it was largely filmed in the vicinity of Wanstead, which we hope some of our audience may identify throughout the course of the film.

Screening on 20th July 2011, Wednesday
Starting time 7.45pm at Leytonstone Library
Entrance £5 (£4 concessions)
* Check disabled access options availabe here.

You can watch a clip of the film here.

Also, this year we have the additional programme:

‘Offbeat London’ – An exploration of our relationship with the city.

This programme includes a double-bill with the following screenings:

‘A13: Road Movie’, a film thats fuses beautiful visuals mixed with interview footage from the true characters of the A13, testimony to the history and folklore of this much-travelled route from the East End to the Essex coast; by Rayna Nadeem & Stuart Bamforth.

‘The London Perambulator’, a documentary about edgelands, the underimagined liminal spaces at the fringe of London; by John Rogers. Concluding with a Q&A session with the film-makers and deep topographer, author and researcher Nick Papadimitriou.

‘Offbeat London’ double-bill screenings are on 21st July 2011, Thursday
Time: 7.30 – 10.00 pm
Venue: The Luna Lounge, 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone. E11 (next to the Leytonstone Library)
Entrance £4 (concessions £3).

* This venue does not have disabled access available. For more information please contact the venue here.

Both events are part of Leytonstone Festival 2011.

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