We're changing our online look for the next film season

Yes, we’re getting a new face for our website!

Two successful seasons of film screenings have already gone and, upon reflection, we think we can do a few more things a bit better for the film club. And giving a fresh start to our website was on top of the agenda.

We hope that with this new site in place we’ll be able to have our information better presented to our public, convey what we are aiming for in a much nicer way, with far fewer technical glitches and much more frequently than we have done so until now.

We’re also counting on you, our community of friends and fellow film enthusiasts, to let us know how are we doing on that respect. We want to know what do you think of our new website; what do you like or dislike, or indeed what do you think it is still missing to make it the perfect first point of contact for our local film community online.

We’ll also be adding bits of our former catalogue of posts and film posters so that you can keep track of what has been going on with the film club until now.

So, all that remains now is to welcome you again to our new site, in the hope that you’ll keep coming back to check what’s on your local film club. A new and exciting season of films is about to start…

:: Leytonstone Film Club ::

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