Screening of “Berberian Sound Studio” – May 4th 2016

"Berberian Sound Studio"

Wednesday, May 4th 2016 at Leytonstone Library

Berberian Sound Studio
::: Berberian Sound Studio :::
  • Directed by: Peter Strickland
  • Year: 2012  |  Country: UK
  • Running time: 92 min.
  • Classification: (15)   |   Watch a clip here
A sound engineer's work for an Italian horror studio becomes a terrifying case of life imitating art.
Summary: Comments:
" British sound engineer Gilderoy (Toby Jones) arrives at the Berberian film studio in Italy to work on what he believes is a film about horses. During a surreal meeting with Francesco, the film's producer, Gilderoy is shocked to find the film is actually an Italian 'giallo' film, The Equestrian Vortex.
He nonetheless begins work in the studio, at one point made to do Foley work, using vegetables to create sound effects for the film's increasingly gory torture sequences, and mixing voiceovers from session artists, Silvia and Claudia, into the score.
As time passes, and Gilderoy feels more and more disconnected from his mother at home, he begins to fear he's out of his depth. His colleagues seem increasingly rude – to both himself and to each other. The horror sequences grow ever more shocking, yet Santini, the director, refuses to admit they are working on a horror film." – Wikipedia *
" Sound is a sacrament in the Berberian Sound Studio: it enters innocuously through the ears before transubstantiating into something more sinister. That might be the most straightforward way of describing what happens in this thrillingly unstraightforward film from the English director Peter Strickland about the odd goings-on in a fusty Italian post-production suite.
This is only Strickland’s second film after his (very fine) 2009 debut, Katalin Varga, and both times I have seen it, its vision, ingenuity and sheer gobsmacking audacity have blown me ten feet out of my seat. It is one of the year’s very best films, a great, rumbling thunderclap of genius." – *
" With a face suggesting cherubic innocence, vulnerability and cruelty, Toby Jones gives the performance of his career, and Peter Strickland has emerged as a key British film-maker of his generation." – *
Screening on May 4th 2016, Wednesday
Starting time 7:45pm at Leytonstone Library
Church Lane, E11 1HG, London. See map
Entrance £5 (£4 all concessions)
Check disabled access options availabe here.
Note: If the main gates are closed (usually after 8pm) then entrance to the library will be through the disabled access door.
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